Ayannah Johnson

Ayannah Johnson

Ayannah Johnson has been a leadership and diversity trainer with The Ceceilyn Miller Institute for Leadership and Diversity, since 2010. She has traveled throughout the U.S. training individuals with the company. Ayannah is now pursuing a Master’s in Educational Leadership from Saint Peters University. Ayannah’s areas of expertise include diversity education, peer leadership and mediation training, higher education retention programming, and LGBTQA+ specific facilitation.

No More Drama: Using Restorative Practices to Manage Conflict
Workshop Level: Intermediate

Conflict in any organization is an inevitable consequence when diverse and charismatic leaders are brought together for a common goal. However, how these leaders deal with those conflicts can determine how effective the group will operate. This workshop is geared towards empowering student leaders with effective conflict resolution skills that they can use to help facilitate difficult conversations, meetings, or events. Furthermore, attendees of this workshop will leave the session having explored their own comfort with conflict as it pertains to their own campus.

Leadership Reloaded: Skills for Effective Student Leaders
Workshop Level: Beginner

This interactive workshop will explore the different skills needed for collegiate women student leaders to become elements of social change on their campus. Through a series of experiential activities the participants will work to establish an understanding of the “Relational Leadership” approach. The Relational Leadership training centers around a T.E.A.M. approach to group successes. Participants understand how their interactions and relationships with each other have a large impact on their organization and the campus community.

Exploring Gender and Gender Identity on Campus
Workshop Level: Beginner-Intermediate

In this very interactive workshop, participants will learn about a variety of gender- related issues, and will have a chance to truly understand the challenges and benefits of their own and others’ genders. Student leaders will be asked to examine their roles on campus and how they can be effective allies for gender equality. This timely and important workshop will also explore and clarify the topic of gender in all its complexity within the context of a college campus.