Suzette Walden Cole

Suzette Walden Cole

Originally from Atlanta, Georgia, Suzette is committed to helping people find their truth and become agents of change, whether on campus or within their community.  As a former Director of Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution, Suzette saw the good, bad and ugly of decisions made on college campuses; and, their ripple effects. In 2013, she decided to take her passion and channel it into a career as a professional speaker and consultant, tackling the topics of conflict resolution, sexual misconduct, risk management, and social justice. She is a global leadership educator focused on allowing others to realize their full potential. Professionally, Suzette received her BA in Political Science from Mercer University and her Masters in Higher Education Administration from the University of South Carolina. Currently, Suzette is a doctoral candidate at Illinois State, studying the factors that contribute to the development of culture in student groups.

“I’m sorry! Who do you think you are?”: Knowing When and How to Call Someone Out
Workshop Level: Intermediate

Confronting people on issues, behaviors, and fellow members on performance related matters, can make for challenging situations for all involved parties. In most instances, it’s not what you say, but how you say it that can make the difference between escalating, or creating learning moments. As a woman, our ability to handle conflict in leadership is essential–we need to be clean, not mean. Come explore communication and confrontation techniques; ways to proactively prevent negative results; tips on minimizing the impact to the group; and recommendations for the post-confrontation follow-up.

Are You Ensuring Everyone’s Asked to Dance?
Workshop Level: Intermediate-Advanced

Thinking about diversity as inviting a person to a party means that inclusion is ensuring that person is also asked to dance. On our campuses, we have members of our student bodies struggling to feel valued and heard. Our country is facing serious issues–those captured in #BlackLivesMatter, sexual violence on campus and gender identity. Ensuring ALL students feel valued necessitates leaders develop heightened levels of cultural competence. This session is designed to have leaders reflect on their own cultural lens to enable them to be more effective in their role and serving their campus community.

We Shine Brighter Together
Workshop Level: Beginner

So many people attempt to pit us against one another, if we let them. From competing for a significant other, being known, leadership positions, we can waste energy in negativity. Scarcity thinking is dangerous for multiple reasons. It leaves us in situations where we’re encouraged to put another woman down to elevate ourselves. Several smaller diamonds can sparkle brighter, and outshine, a large stone. When we celebrate others’ achievements from authentic spaces, we speak positivity into the world which gives us energy. Energy is life. Let’s break this cycle and do better together.

It’s Time We Maximize Our Potential
Workshop Level: Intermediate

Movements sometimes struggle because they lack clarity in their mission, or specificity in their desired outcomes. Cultivating Allies, Partners, and Champions is our work to create stronger, more supportive spaces on campus. Drilling down to the realness of what we want to see change allows us greater success. We can enhance our effectiveness of speaking truth to power by cultivating allies at various levels. Together, we’ll explore the barriers for individuals asserting themselves as allies, techniques for overcoming them, and recommendations for strategic partnership