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Equality in All Forms

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Breaking Down Barriers

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Fall 2024

Workshop Title Examples:

  • Exploring Gender and Identity on Campus
  • Sorry, Not Sorry - The Unhealthy Relationship we have with I'm Sorry
  • The Stigmas and Stereotypes of the Women of Color Leaders

& Many more!

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United Collegiate Women’s Leadership Conference

The United Collegiate Women’s Leadership Conference is an interactive transformational experience where women from all walks of life come together to understand the authentic leader they have within themselves, while preparing them to tackle critical issues facing their campus and larger communities. Women often are socialized to believe that exerting themselves means they are bossy, or that being quiet means they are shy. Issues of systemic misogyny creates a dynamic where women often are left competing against one another, or believing that one woman’s shine can diminish another’s. The truth is that united women are more likely to be successful. Women should not have to choose which of their identities they are going to lead with in their personal and professional lives. At UCWLC, we believe it’s all for one, and one for all. UCWLC creates a space that is high-energy, empowering and designed to create a transformational experience.

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