Women often are socialized to believe that exerting themselves means they are bossy, or that being quiet means they are shy. Issues of systemic misogyny create a dynamic where women often are left competing against one another or believing that one woman’s shine can diminish another’s. The truth is that united women are more likely to be successful. Women should not have to choose which of their identities they are going to lead within their personal and professional lives. At UCWLC, we believe it’s all for one, and one for all. UCWLC creates a space that is high-energy, empowering and designed to create a transformational experience.

Experiential workshops and dynamic keynote sessions provide a strong, supportive environment for collegiate women to discover their true leadership potential, and be affirmed in the space they choose to stand. Through round table discussions, female student leaders are provided the opportunity to explore ways to lead locally, while thinking globally about the next generation. During the conference, students will be led through facilitated workshops to develop an Individualized Leadership and Engagement Action Plan (I-LEAP) to include a program or event selects to can be used to empower others on their hope campus.

At this conference, participants:

  • Choose from  workshops that prepare them for lifelong leadership
  • Embrace their authenticity and ability to lead confidently with skills to return to their communities ready to take action
  • Develop tools and resources to aid them in communicating with and leading diverse groups professionally and personally
  • Engage and dialogue with empowering role models from diverse backgrounds
  • Cultivate a lifetime empowerment network