Guide to UCWLC Sessions

Genuine Relationship

Sometimes, as individuals, we are so focused on getting things done, competing and not collaborating. We forget that it takes teamwork to make the dream work. These sessions are designed to enhance your ability to engage in genuine relationships, practice uplift, and allow you to work together to accomplish more. You will also recognize the importance of enjoying the experiences of those with whom you are working.

  • Better Friends, Better Women
  • We Shine Brighter Together
  • Leadership Reloaded: Skills for Effective Student Leaders
  • Together We Are Stronger: Communication, Connection & Collaboration
  • She’s Not the Enemy

Effective Advocacy

A core responsibility of womyn leaders is to effectively advocate for the wellbeing and best interests of the collective. Understanding what and how best to engage in efforts to achieve social justice and equity is incredible. Using our voice, and not shrinking in the wake of controversy or opposition is imperative to our ability to realize our full potential.

  • Finding Your Voice
  • The Strength of Our Stories…Redefining Our Narratives
  • Start with Why: Developing Your Mission and Vision
  • The Meaning of Social Justice

Personal Growth

No one is perfect! As leaders, we all have areas in which we can improve. These sessions are specifically designed to focus on self-awareness, confronting the negative self-talk, and individual leadership development. If you are working to try to enhance your own skill set, be sure you attend one of the sessions with this icon.

  • Who Runs the World? Girls? Leaders? Stereotypes?
  • Contracting to Expand: Self-care for Overachievers
  • Dare to Be: Overcoming Impostor Syndrome
  • Am I a Lady or What?
  • I.P.S. for S.U.C.C.E.S.S.: Lifelong Lessons on Leadership
  • The Stigmas and Stereotypes of the Black Woman Leader

Conflict Resolution

Conflict and confrontation is an inevitable part of leadership. It is not a question of if you will experience conflict, rather it is how you will deal with it that is important. If your efforts get bogged down by the drama, or you feel you can improve in this area, be sure that you attend any of the sessions with this icon.

  • “I’m sorry! Who do you think you are?”: Knowing When and How to Call Someone Out
  • No More Drama: Using Restorative Practices to Manage Conflict

Cultivating Allies

Do you feel like only a few people are engaged as agents of change? Sometimes we do not maximize our potential because we fail to spread the work around. We do not recognize those around us who could be our allies, and amplify our efforts. This can often lead to high rates of burnout and turnover within movements that we work towards creating.

  • Men as Allies: Readiness vs. Resistance
  • It’s Time We Maximize Our Potential


The basic definition of feminism includes the advocacy of womyn’s rights on the basis of equality of the sexes. Being labeled feminist carries with it stereotypes, stigmas and so much more. There’s in-fighting among groups who self-identify as feminists from “lipstick” to radical, cultural to eco, there are all types of feminism. These sessions are designed to foster a greater understanding of what this concept means and how it functions in women’s leadership.

  • Ladies, Let’s Drop The F-Bomb
  • Black Feminism in Leadership


The term “herstory” means that we look at history with a lens focused on women’s roles, emphasizing their legacy and influence on cultural and societal events. Too often, history is shared without acknowledging the legacy of the womyn whose footsteps we now follow. The path makers and groundbreakers who helped overcome and achieve significant circumstances in the wake of resistance. These sessions provide a space to explore these instances as points of pride and inspiration.

  • The Politics of a “Nasty” Woman
  • Black Herstory: Black Women Leaders in History

Diversity & Inclusion

A key component of effective leadership in social justice, is a continual development in cultural competence. We live in world that seems to emphasize the presence of difference, without always practicing inclusion. Understanding that the full potential of diversity is only realized when everyone at the table feels that their voice matters is essential. These sessions are designed to explore these concepts at varying levels of depth.

  • Are You Ensuring Everyone’s Asked to Dance?
  • Bringing Kindness to Inclusion
  • Thrive: Cultivating Inclusive Communities